Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's been a while since we  updated this site. Please forgive us, we've had a change.  Well, a number of changes and we'll try to post them all to keep you'all (from Southern Mendoza) up to date.
There have been three separate sets of new missionaries, plus a few random arrivals. And there have been three separate translation experiences (That is the new term for missionaries going home - they are not "dead," as some have said in the past.  They are translated in flight to a new form of their missionary life. They are still missonaries, except they no longer have the Presidente y Hermana y assistentes y lideres de zona y lideres de distrito breathing down their necks. And they are free to choose their own companion [and we hope they won't take too long making that choice but that it will be just as inspired as their earlier companionships have been]). 

Zone Conferences began the last week of June and ended the 12th of July 2012.  Following are the pictures of everyone in their zones.  You should see everyone who is in the mission by 14 julio 2012 in these pictures.

San Juan Zone Conference at the Libertad Chapel 28 junio 2012:

Back Row:  Elders Wahl, James Taylor, Benitez, Iman, Tanner, Bodie Smith, Christensen, Carter, Rojas, Weaver, Galati (with hands in the air), Sanabria
Front Row:  Elder and Hermana Ence, Hermana Medrano, Hermana Haskell, Hermana Ávila and Presidente Ávila, Elders Baker, Jacobs, Reininger, Austin.
On the Floor:  Ultimo Misionero, Santiago Ávila

Elder Galati shoots for the basket during game of Who Knows Their Predicad Mi Evangelio.

Chimbas Zone Conference - 29 junio 2012

Chimbas - San Juan Miners

Back Row:  Elders Riding, Diaz de Leon, Jeffrey Baker, Winget, Squires, McBride, Gutierrez, Garcia, Larsen
2nd Row:  Cahoon, Warner, Oliveria, Cardenas, Crespo, Gauna, Diaz de Leon, Hermana Ence, Elder Ence
First Row:  Elders Bills, Jared Baker, and Jacobs

Chimbas Zone
This is the Mission Mendoza version of Where´s Waldo.  We´ll give you the names alphabetically.  You find your missionary. 
President and Hermana Ávila and Santiago Ávila,¨Élderes Allred, Baker, Bills, Cahoon. Cardenas, Crespo, Diaz de Leon, Galdo, Garcia, Gauna, Gutierrez, Larsen, McBride, Oliveira, Riding, Squires, Warner, and Winget.  And, of course, our Assistants to the President, Elders Jared Baker and Briant Jacobs.

Maipú Zone Conference in Godoy Cruz 2 julio 2012

Back row Left to Right: 
Elders Giacomelli, Julian, Islas, Steeves, Owens, Daybell, Ence, Baker, Presidente Ávila, Kelley, Chase, Price, and Sterling.
Front Row:
Hermanas Medina, Goddard, Bedke, Ponce, Ence, Ávila, Farris y Call  

Elders Price and Sterling - Zone Leaders, Maipù

Godoy Cruz Zone Conference - 3 julio 2012
This will have to be another Where´s Waldo picture.  Find your missionary.  In Godoy Cruz the missionaries are: Elderes Baker, Cornejo, Cristeche, Day, Daybell, Dowdle, Drennan, Fernandez, Hunter, Jacobs, Larisch, Molen, Ortega, Petlacalco, Portillo, Prieto, Santamaria, Stearns, Tilleman, Toledo, Torales, and Winkel
Front Row: Elder Ence, Hermana Ence, Hermana Ávila, Presidente Ávila, Hermanas Gimenez, Shapiama, Salcedo, Dana  

Mendoza Zone Conference - 4 julio 2012

Mendoza Zone Leaders are Elders Roche and Fackrell.

Elder Navarro visited this zone conference, and the other elders were Elders Baker and Jacobs, Wixom, Isham, Baca, Trujillo, Jovel, Burga, Sargent, Robles, Fausett, Echeverria, Whittle,
e Silva, Alameda, England, Gutierrez, Pizarro, Vasquez, and Cerna. 

San Martin Zone Conference -5 julio 2012

Zone Leaders - Elders Taylor and Frost on the front row with the Assistants, the Ávilas, and Ences.
Back row:  Elders Navarro, Gomez, Tinoco, Bulva, Luke, Bready, Cisneros, Sanchez, Larsen , Foster, and Wilson.

Oficinas met with San Martin - 5 julio 2012

Office Elders are Elder Dugger, Financiero, Elder Howard, Secretario, Elder Alberro, Materialista, Elder Wheeler, Historiador

Guaymallen Zone Conference - 6 julio 2012

Zone Leaders for Guaymallen are Elders Gil and Treadway.
Hermanas Julian and Mujica serve in Dorego.
The other elders are, in alphabetical order:
Elders Ashby, Caro, Crawford, Garcia, Ginos, Larson, McMurray, Marin, Monzon, Sanz, Smith, Tapia, Tingey, and Yasan.
Valle De Uco Zone Conference in Tupungato - 9 julio 2012

Zone Leaders in Valle de Uco are Elders Solano and Wharton.

The Elders serving in the zone are Elders Adrian, Barton, Cattaneo, Echevarria, Galicia, Moscoso, Riquelme, Rogers, Rojas, and Sheridan.

Alvear Zone Conference - 10 julio 2012

Zone Leaders in Alvear are Elders Stufflebeam and Rios.

Elders Dyer, Daniel, Maughan, Henrie, Barton, Holt, Ruiz Diaz, Lue, Resek, and Casas

San Rafael Zone Conference - 11 julio 2012

Sitting on the floor, ZL Elder Valle, Assistant to the President Elder Jacobs, Traveling Assistants Elders Boyd and Burns, AP Elder Baker, and ZL Elder Gonzalez
The Hermanas, Hermana Winterton, Navarro, Mamani, and Adorno.
The other elders in alphabetical order are Aguirre, Bareiro, Bjerke, Falcon, Flores, Lopez, Lounsbury, Passey, Sarasua, Schroeder, Silva, Smith, Strong, and Villegas.

San Luis Zone Conference - 12 julio 2012

Zone Leaders in San Luis are Elders Sierra and Passantino.
Hermanas in San Luis include Hermanas Thatcher, Lino, Dipuy, and John.
The elders, in alphabetical order, are Elders Baldwin, Bennett, Biggs, Fraughton, Hibbert, Hudgens, McMullin, Moon, Myers, Nordblad, Robinson, Silveira, Sorenson, Summers, Wilkins, and Yao.

Zone Conferences were wonderful.  The spirit was strong as President reminded us to be obedient.  It is either obedience or disobedience.  He also encouraged all missionaries to open our mouths with subjects of the restored gospel that are not found in other churches.  Hermana Ávila compared our actions as missionaries and the ability to keep the Spirit with us with the story of the Liahona and the actions of Laman and Lemuel and others on the boat on the way to the promised land (1 Nephi 18).  The Zone Leaders in each zone chose their particular theme, but more than one chose to encourage the missionaries to baptize.  The Assistants, too, chose to encourage missionaries to baptize and chose as their scripture reference 3 Nephi 11.  It is amazing how many times the Savior used the word baptize in all of its forms when he first came to the people here on this continent.  Count them.
Testimonies touched our hearts, and the conferences were closed by singing the Mission Hymn with great gusto.

In days to come we´ll see some of these missionaries go home to new, lifelong missions and new missionaries will come to take their places here. 

Mission Mendoza, we love you.