Friday, February 28, 2014

Consejo de Febrero 2014

Acción de la misión:
Aumentemos nuestra productividad al simplificar e intensificar nuestras acciones y aprovechemos más tiempo encontrando y enseñando

Como Líderes mostramos el ejemplo como líderes al 
1. Encontrar mas nuevos cada semana
2. Enseñar 20 lecciones cada semana
3. Bautizar este mes

Hermanas Training Leaders: Hermana Sagers, Hermans Anderson, Hermana Hill, Hermana Cooley, Hermana Barney

Elder Hone, Elder Morely, Elder Wright, Elder Egbert, y Presidente y Hermana Avilia

These sisters add the sparkle to the mission!!!
Hermanas Cooley, Barney, y Hales
( This one is for you Daddy Hales:)
Elder Yao, Elder Ruiz Diaz, Elder Huaman, Elder Rojas

Chamberlain, Lawrence, Lybbert, Cox, Cheta, Enos, and Schiess

 Elderes Jones, Silviera and Chipman
 Elderes Gomez, Valencia, Hurley, Marsh, Reynolds, Sanz
 Elderes Cuadros, Da Silva, Bulva

 Elders Gibbons, Rainock, Peterson

 Elders Hurley, Marsh, Reynolds
President Avila always has a listening ear!!!
Bueno Comida
Hermosa Hermanas!!!

Thumbs up to the best mission in the world!!!

Hermana Avila serves the missionaries in more ways than one!!!
Muchas Gracias to The Rastellis for their hard work and the great food!!
Hermana Hills face says IT ALL!!!
Hermana Ashby, Hermana Hill and Hermana Rastelli :)
President Avila loves his missionaries!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

 Bienvenidos to our new missionaries!!! 
 Adios to Elder Rabanales ( pensionista ) and Elder Wells ( secretario )
Muchos Gracias for the hard work done in the offices.
 A delicious meal is enjoyed with the arrival of the new missionaries.
 Hermana Nordgran from Colorado
 Happy to meet Hermana Avila
Elder Dias from Paraguay 
 Elder Bjerke going home to Vernal Utah
 Elder Durand se va a casa en Rumbo Peru
 Elder Garcia se va a casa en Florida, Uruguay
 Elder Wilson going home to Cedar City, Utah
 Elder Fraughton going home to Pleasant Grove, Utah 
Elder villegas se va a casa en Quilpué, Chili

Elder Larson´s parents came to accompany him home, but Pres and Hermana Avila
were reluctant to have this fine missionary leave.


la alegría y la tristeza 
                              as we say goodbye to these young men that have served well.

Te queremos President Avila



Monday, February 24, 2014

Youth Conference in Uspallata

Our newest AP´s Elder Egbert and Elder Wright

Took place in the beautiful city of Uspallata .

                                     President Avila came to the Youth Convencion to speak to the youth.
                                            Elder and Sister Hunt planned and hosted this wonderful event for the youth .
                                       They have been in Argentina for the past 13 years and have sacrificed much to the
                                                                building of the kingdom in this beautiful country.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day in the mission office. Enjoying this special day as the Hermanas were there to add a bit of sparkle. Our valentine scripture was Moroni 8:16, Perfect love casteth out all fear. These missionaries are fearless as they go forth each day to bring others unto Christ.
( More to come as Hermana Ashby; yo estoy aprendiendo!)  Add caption