Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Lords work goes forth

Mission Mendoza had a goal for September, they wanted to break the record and have 125 people taught and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Well they broke the record and had one more. Everybody is very excited to have 126 baptisms for the month of September and to know that many people recognized and embraced our Savior Jesus Christ and the restored truth.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Our new missionaries arrival

Mission Mendoza is happy to welcome our newest missionaries. They arrived safe and sound and ready to teach the Gospel.

First is: Elder Tingey with Hermana and President Avila.

Elder Vasquez

Elder Sheridan

Elder Wheeler

Elder Sanabria
Elder Rogers

Elder Myers

Elder Schirner

Elder Luke

Hermana Julian

Hermana John

Elder Maughan

Elder Howard

Elder Hibbert

Hermana Haskell

Elder Isham

Elder L. Garcia

Elder Biggs

Elder Arch

Elder Gauna

After we picked them up at the airport, they had a welcome dinner with the Avila family, then came to the office for orientation for one day, met their new companions and then off to work in the fields. They were so excited to get to work.