Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My new companion Hermana Tanner ( I'm going to Malarque )

Bienvenidos!! Elder Ransom ( Lakewood, CA) 
Bienvenidos!! Elder Perez ( West Valley, Utah )

Bienvenidos! Elder Debono ( Sydney Aus )

Bienvenidos !! Elder Apodaca ( Oakland, Ca )

Bienvenidos!! Hermana Bentley ( Lindon, Utah )

Bienvenidos!! Elder Jacobsen ( Renton, Wa )

Bienvenidos!!! Elder Emery ( Murray, Ut )

Bienvenidos!! Elder Bennet ( Tuson, Az )

Bienvenidos!!! Elder Thomas ( N. Las Vegas, NV ) 

Bienvenidos!! ( Elder Nelson ( McCammon, ID )

Welcome to the best two years of your life!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Elder Freeman and Elder Smith

What better place to celebrate a 21st birthday!
Mendoza Argentina Mission
Feliz Cumple Elder Freeman and Elder Smith

Adios!!! Buen Trabajo

Welcome to the office, our new AP in training. Elder Quadros!!

All Smiles, Yea, they soon get to see their mommy!

The Last Supper

Pastel de Papas

Testimony Meeting, the spirit of these young missionaries is something special

Adios Elder Hurley

We will miss you Elder Hone

Job well done Elder Morley

We love your smile Elder Marsh

Big Heart Elder Ruiz

Elder Silveira you will be missed

Elder Tapia you were a great missionary

Elder Ruiz Diaz you are a capo

All Our Love to You Elder Yao


Monday, April 7, 2014

First Annual Hermanas Conference

April 1 & 2
Cerro De La Gloria at San Martin Park in Mendoza

Elder Anhder, Hermana Anhder, Hermana Ashby, Hermana Pelayo, Elder Pelayo

We love our mission!!!!

Our beloved President and his better half

Leticia ( I can´t wait to be a missionary)

Our diligent AP´ s
Elder Egbert and Elder Wright

Back to the Mission Home for a delicious dinner!!!

Edible center piece! 

Beautiful presentation, thank you Hermana Avila
for an elegant evening at your home.


Child's Pose

Hermana Avila