Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodbyes to some great missionaries

There mission time is over and it's time to return home, but we will always remember with fondness these missionaries who have touched our lives for good.  We pray for you that your lives will be filled with wonderful opportunities.  Choose well the path you take.  We love you.

The Farewell dinner from one end of the table.

The dinner looking down the table.

Elders Leal, Roncal, Garcia, Barra, Harvey and Sandford. Elder Harvey mother on the left.

Our beautiful Hermanas, Guiterrez, Ochoa, Pelton, Richins, Astorga.

Hermana Avila and President with Elder Harvey who has been one of the Assistants for a long time.

Elder Leal, the other Assistant for many months, with Hermana Avila.

Starting with back row: Elder Sandford, Hermanas Guiterrez, Ochoa, Astorga, President Avila, Elder's Barra, Harvey, Roche, Senior Sister & Elder Packer.  Middle row: Hermana's Richins, Pelton, Hermana Avila, Elder Roncal.  Front row: Elder's Burr, Garcia, Leal, Menocal.