Saturday, August 13, 2011

A trip South checking the pensiones

Elder Boisado, missionary in charge of pensiones, Elder Packer and Hermana Packer had to take a trip down to Villa Mercedes and San Luis to check the missionaries living environments, install water filters, install smoke detectors and for Hermana Packer, give tuberculosis test to a missionary who had been exposed to TB.  These are some pictures we took along the way. 
This cute little house is the LDS Church for this area, it's way out in the country and we only have two missionaries living here, Elder Moon and Elder Marquez.  One of the better pench's.
Elder Moon standing by their baptismal font.

A little demonstration of what happens when mail and packages arrive, (slightly staged).  Elder Moncur and Elder Winget.

Left to right: Elder's Boisado, Cristeche, Huntington, Burr, Price and Packer.

Elder Moscoso and Elder Sargent in front of their pench.

Elder's Price and Cristeche watching Elder Boisado check out their kitchen and new water filter.